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10 year anniversary [Friday
March 11th, 2011
[ mood | busy ]

So, hello LJ world. It really has been a while.

Took a look back into the past, and hell oh hell...it has been 10 years that I've have this concoction of my mind's writing poops throughout time.

Pretty intriguing digital world we live in.

So wow, who uses this thang anymore? After facebook there is really no need, eh?

Life changes to quickly...I'm in my OWN apartment writing this, about to open my OWN photography studio (well, shared with two others). I have a BFA in a crazy major, and have started to work with big clients doing videography.

My first wedding was 5 years ago.

I'm now on about my 15th.

Pretty insane.

Just finished shooting my first music video with a girl I shot as one of my first models about 3-4 years ago. Oh life.

So yeah, the moving image seems to be taking over, but I'm currently editing my latest wedding and the still moments STILL give me chills beyond compare. I'm so in love with what I do, twitterpatted beyond belief, thankful to have AMAZING friends that hold my life up, and family full of delicious love.

Now all I need is a man. My projected meeting is this winter, but I'll take fate when it decides to spank me.

Hope you all are lovely, oh beautiful LJ friends.

and wtf i manages to not update last year at ALL. hah!

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helloooo out there [Tuesday
December 29th, 2009
[ mood | content ]

how is everyone?

happy last few days of 2009!

i'm going to a labyrinth masquerade ball for nye and dressing up completely insane.
costume has to be from the movie, any suggestions? must involve my huge fro.

just got back form a 7am coffee meeting with the local arteest crew, lead by local gallery owner scott lawrimore, but sadly he was not there this week, so we just chatted about crazy art and i drank my liquid chocolate and oatmeal-blueberry muffin. i've also been doing hot yoga [bikrum, aka in 104 degrees] filming movies, and working on me theSIS. yup. very fun times. almost done with this blasted school, then off to make merriment in creation world of still and moving images.

if you know anyone getting married, needing headshots, band photos, etc. send 'em to me!
i will take good, good, GOOD care of them :)

what are you up to?
do tell.

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file size MAC programs? [Monday
March 9th, 2009
are there any programs that will filter out the folders on your computer(macbookpro) with the most amount of data/size?

i duno who to ask.

how are you all

heat stroke!?

February 9th, 2009
for an art project of coarse.
around 3ftx3ft in size.

i need em tonight, where can i get em??

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fun quarter ahead [Wednesday
January 7th, 2009

ART 479 Interaction Design
Exploration of design issues unique to user-centered interaction in digital media. Explore a range of formal and conceptual issues including user interface, organization, narrative, motion, time, and sound.

(because there is always more to learn!)
ART 340 Digital Imaging I
An introduction to the creative possibilities of high resolution 2D imagery on the computer in an Art context. The course will begin with an introduction to issue of "workflow" in digital photography with programs such as Adobe's Lightroom and Apple's Aperture. Students will then gain fluency in Photoshop, flatbed and film scanning, output to high resolution inkjet printing. Digital imaging, including digital photography, will be strongly related to other art processes.

and my favorite....BRAIN EXPLOSION CLASS!!! we are casting metal, plastic, wood, and everything put together....
Introduction to materials and methods in developing experimental artworks. Emphasis on conceptual exploration in physical space and analysis of historical antecedents. Students will be introduced to a variety of tools and techniques in design and fabrication.This course is intended to provide DXARTS students with a solid foundation in the conceptual and technical considerations in design and fabrication.


# 1: "Build a Better Mind Trap" Collaborate to develop an energy-transferral device that embodies a "captivating" metaphor.

* Duration: Two minutes
* Materials: Any
* Collaborative: Yes, in teams of two or three
* Completion Cycle: 7 days

# 2: "Time Machine" Conceive and build a work that engages time in some manner. What is it about time that is interesting to you? What role does light and interval play? How simple or complex, profound or banal?

* Duration: Any necessary
* Materials: mirror, string (supplied). Additional materials OK.
* Collaborative: No
* Completion Cycle: 7 days
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no, i'm not very original but... [Monday
November 17th, 2008

i know i know, but i decided i will get a hound dog and name him elvis.
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by the way [Saturday
November 15th, 2008
[ mood | anxious ]

I now intern at Lustre Communications

lost lost lost.

hey people what is up out there?

[tantsi minus, gorod]

I'm walking by an avenue, by the night city
I'm walking because I’ve got legs
And i know how to walk… that's why I'm walking
Walking towards colorful shop windows
Luxurious limos rush on by
Carrying women with burning eyes,
Cold hearts and golden hair

Tale-City, Dream-City
Lost in its webs, you're lost forever
Swallowing its air of colds and draughts
Smell of gasoline and fine perfumes

Starless sky, it doesn't matter
Most of houses have their own stars here
Electricity, gas, telephone and running water
Communal heaven with no worries at all

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slam it [Thursday
August 14th, 2008
i've never been to a confession booth but i live for the reasons to go to one
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August 3rd, 2008
ANYONE!!!! Do you know if it's possible to add effects to a region in garageband, not having to add a new track. Also a fade. Come on, does Garageband suck THIS MUCH that you can't edit part of the track separately without adding a whole effect onto the WHOLE track...wtf....

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a recent shoot [Friday
July 18th, 2008
[ mood | restless ]

Hannah Lux Davis, Make-up Artist+Music Video Director

man, i need to shoot more.

i'm shooting Farchild + Sir Mix-a-Lot again tonight at Showbox SODO
it's only 5$~come see! It's an amazing show

Here's photos from the last time they played

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YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! summer. [Thursday
April 17th, 2008
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Dear Julia,

I am pleased to inform you that the faculty have accepted your application to
the Seventh Annual Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities. The award of a
Mary Gates Endowment for Students Research Scholarship in the amount of $3,000
accompanies your acceptance. This award is intended to enhance your
undergraduate education at the University of Washington by providing support to
assist you with summer tuition and other costs while you are engaged in your
research experience at the Summer Institute. Congratulations on being named a
Mary Gates Scholar--You join a community of active citizens and accomplished
student scholars.


-------------------on another note-----------------

IM DOING A PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW ON ISRAELIs or people affiliated with Israel who are in their 60s [turning 59-69]

IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY NEXT WEEK!! I just need a few people for this one, then it will go NATIONALLY, so if you know someone that doesn't live here or can't do it in the next week, please send them my info.

Here is more about the show:

Israel is turning 60 years old and what better way to celebrate than with beautiful portraiture of its people. I'm a professional photographer and student at the University of Washington working on a photography show featuring Israeli-borns and/or people who have lived there/have stories about Israel and who are between 59(turning 60 this year)-69 years old. This show will be presented at the University of Washington HUB Gallery and will go on nationally throughout the year. If you would like to participate or know of anyone PLEASE LET ME KNOW! ONE WEEK LEFT!

APRIL 29-MAY 6th

Artist Statement:

A Face to the Age: Israel at 60

The wrinkles we wear are formed from both years of happiness as well as sadness; the canvas of Israelis in their 60s is distinctly reminiscent of Israel's topography that its people have been cultivating for years.
Turning sixty isn't easy, especially for a country like Israel. Some countries are hundreds of years old but don't even scratch the surface of what Israel means to millions of people. The goal of this exhibit is to give a face to the age of 60 and bring out the most important part of Israel, its people. Let's celebrate the wide array of diversity Israel has and feature the many people represented in this land who live amongst us.

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interesting... [Friday
March 28th, 2008
[ mood | amused ]

someone insisted that i looked like Goldfrapp yesterday and called me that all night.
it was awesome because i actually know what the band is for once and completely love her music.
i've gotten some weird celeb look-a-likes in my life...proceed for further intrigue...

(shes way too skinny though)

got her a few times:
amy irving (spielberg's wife) (it's the hair...)

good ole keri russell (it's the hair, duh)

hahaha who's that?

and this one i don't really get, i think it's the face shape? i've gotten it MANY times.
i have weird stories where the person didn't even know my name and thought i looked like her.

Julia Stiles
(one of my favorite movies...i miss heath!)

and one of my favorite pictures of myself to compare?

if i have time later i'll try to find some pics that actually resemble the above ;)?

oh and random, my friend in cali met snoop dogg and said she would show him this thing i made haha! so i know snoop dogg, kinda. (no joke! the heads of her and snoop is off of her camera)

Don't send a lame Snoop_Dogg eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!
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the earrings i received today! [Monday
March 24th, 2008
[ mood | busy ]

i will never take these off, my total favorites!

so i think that was a success :) awesome.

my next swaps are a purse swap, i'm sewing a purse (wish me luck...anyone have a sewing machine btw hahah] in a victorianish style with lots of white pink lace stuff. should be interesting.

also a "science IS ART" thinggie. but i'm not sure what i'm making for that.

SHIT like i have time for all of this!
oh well, i guess i will make some :)
i still have to do 15 hours of transcribing before friday and i have 500 more photos to edit EEK.
the thursday photoshoot is not looking very happy...
how am i more busy during break?

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how lovey it is to see yourself again, fresh [Sunday
March 23rd, 2008
[ mood | sleepy ]

this is my new favorite picture of all time, form the last wedding i did:

[the story is that this lady barely ever smiled, and now looking back i can't believe i caught her looking like this. she's a total sweetheart]

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i made some earrings out of weird things [Saturday
March 22nd, 2008
[ mood | busy ]

[mollie inspired]

guess the materials?

i'm in an earring swap, so i only kept the last ones, i'll see what i get next week from my partner.

all is well, spring break is here, spring quarter is near.

working on finishing the last wedding photos.

how are you all?

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operation [Tuesday
January 15th, 2008
[ mood | cold ]

it's for my video.

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woah [Monday
January 14th, 2008
you really know i'm procrastinating if i'm on lj.

trying to put some personality in my "ball" animation.

this quarter:
Animation 2
Video 2
Design 166


happy death =D

i will be graduating next year.

dam those pictures!

wait, i think you've all outgrown high school =[
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my soul is split [Friday
December 14th, 2007
[ mood | sore ]

between wanting to update my jubruk.livejournal.com and here, over there is a more creative space for me at the moment.

anyhow, in terms of life...it's been a crazy quarter.

I made 3 movies, but really it was 9 because i spent way more time helping my friends on their movies than my own anyway. Facebook has some stills and I'm working on figuring out how to put the quicktimes on youtube, although the quality is horrendous and i'd almost rather not.

My photography is doing alright. I did a few photoshoots this quarter that were some of my best work. Also up on facebook. The other day the sun was shining so lovely through the blinds like i always love and i got an urge to snap some photos. i took about 50 of my dad reading the paper, he looked so damn cute, even as he was saying mean things about how i should stop taking photos of him and do something productive, lol. he's full of it and knows he loves it ;)
here are some of them, i'm finally using some of my flickr because photobucket sucks.

[[[sorry for those that saw these on my other journal]]]
this is me:

[[inside my house]]

see how different it can seem through the lens?

the shadows run deep in these walls...

i've sat here for years...but today i looked instead

i've been working on a physical album for this couple too, they're too cute for words:

[[they played apples to apples and other board games during their wedding reception!! :):)]

spread the word guys, i need another wedding!! i'm cheap, friendly and invisible!

what would i give to quit school next year and just book myself silly with weddings, portraits, fashion, anything, everyone, photography, live, breathe it, lock myself in a room with it.
it feels like that could only happen if i ever move out :(

i am eating a tipe right now. and it's damn good.

this break:
-redo my website. this has to be done.
-insert something here but i forgot what oh yeah i'm singlee yeahhhh so "enjoy singularity"
-start dancing again

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i found the meaning of life, wanted to share it [Sunday
October 21st, 2007
[ mood | anxious ]

heat stroke!?

woah what is this? [Wednesday
October 10th, 2007
[ mood | chipper ]

oh em gee.

i got a new lj for my video class.
if you add moi or don't add moi comment on my ideas.
they will be absolutely insanity, i promise.

[which layout is the simple classy one that has the side bar on the right? kinda tan-ish theme? i can't find it draggrats!]

check out my website, i put up two new albums and they are really outdated already.



oh and i'm:
~back form tunisia and sicily trip of the summer [click pic for a lil album]

~taking lots of experimental video classes and biopsych
~still don't know what my double major is
~w00t have a Mac! but don't know how to use it, iChat? what? HOWWWW? TEACH ME!
-----and it won't let me save to jpg?! will kill. help?
~2 incriminating videos on youtube of me that you'll never find
~HDR imaging finally tried...meh
~CS3 yeah baby.
~I WORK AT THE The Jacob Lawrence Gallery in the Art building on campus on Wednesdays from 12-4, come visit me!

justice DANCE

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