10 year anniversary

So, hello LJ world. It really has been a while.

Took a look back into the past, and hell oh hell...it has been 10 years that I've have this concoction of my mind's writing poops throughout time.

Pretty intriguing digital world we live in.

So wow, who uses this thang anymore? After facebook there is really no need, eh?

Life changes to quickly...I'm in my OWN apartment writing this, about to open my OWN photography studio (well, shared with two others). I have a BFA in a crazy major, and have started to work with big clients doing videography.

My first wedding was 5 years ago.

I'm now on about my 15th.

Pretty insane.

Just finished shooting my first music video with a girl I shot as one of my first models about 3-4 years ago. Oh life.

So yeah, the moving image seems to be taking over, but I'm currently editing my latest wedding and the still moments STILL give me chills beyond compare. I'm so in love with what I do, twitterpatted beyond belief, thankful to have AMAZING friends that hold my life up, and family full of delicious love.

Now all I need is a man. My projected meeting is this winter, but I'll take fate when it decides to spank me.

Hope you all are lovely, oh beautiful LJ friends.

and wtf i manages to not update last year at ALL. hah!
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helloooo out there

how is everyone?

happy last few days of 2009!

i'm going to a labyrinth masquerade ball for nye and dressing up completely insane.
costume has to be from the movie, any suggestions? must involve my huge fro.

just got back form a 7am coffee meeting with the local arteest crew, lead by local gallery owner scott lawrimore, but sadly he was not there this week, so we just chatted about crazy art and i drank my liquid chocolate and oatmeal-blueberry muffin. i've also been doing hot yoga [bikrum, aka in 104 degrees] filming movies, and working on me theSIS. yup. very fun times. almost done with this blasted school, then off to make merriment in creation world of still and moving images.

if you know anyone getting married, needing headshots, band photos, etc. send 'em to me!
i will take good, good, GOOD care of them :)

what are you up to?
do tell.
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fun quarter ahead

ART 479 Interaction Design
Exploration of design issues unique to user-centered interaction in digital media. Explore a range of formal and conceptual issues including user interface, organization, narrative, motion, time, and sound.

(because there is always more to learn!)
ART 340 Digital Imaging I
An introduction to the creative possibilities of high resolution 2D imagery on the computer in an Art context. The course will begin with an introduction to issue of "workflow" in digital photography with programs such as Adobe's Lightroom and Apple's Aperture. Students will then gain fluency in Photoshop, flatbed and film scanning, output to high resolution inkjet printing. Digital imaging, including digital photography, will be strongly related to other art processes.

and my favorite....BRAIN EXPLOSION CLASS!!! we are casting metal, plastic, wood, and everything put together....
Introduction to materials and methods in developing experimental artworks. Emphasis on conceptual exploration in physical space and analysis of historical antecedents. Students will be introduced to a variety of tools and techniques in design and fabrication.This course is intended to provide DXARTS students with a solid foundation in the conceptual and technical considerations in design and fabrication.


# 1: "Build a Better Mind Trap" Collaborate to develop an energy-transferral device that embodies a "captivating" metaphor.

* Duration: Two minutes
* Materials: Any
* Collaborative: Yes, in teams of two or three
* Completion Cycle: 7 days

# 2: "Time Machine" Conceive and build a work that engages time in some manner. What is it about time that is interesting to you? What role does light and interval play? How simple or complex, profound or banal?

* Duration: Any necessary
* Materials: mirror, string (supplied). Additional materials OK.
* Collaborative: No
* Completion Cycle: 7 days

by the way

I now intern at Lustre Communications

lost lost lost.

hey people what is up out there?

[tantsi minus, gorod]

I'm walking by an avenue, by the night city
I'm walking because I’ve got legs
And i know how to walk… that's why I'm walking
Walking towards colorful shop windows
Luxurious limos rush on by
Carrying women with burning eyes,
Cold hearts and golden hair

Tale-City, Dream-City
Lost in its webs, you're lost forever
Swallowing its air of colds and draughts
Smell of gasoline and fine perfumes

Starless sky, it doesn't matter
Most of houses have their own stars here
Electricity, gas, telephone and running water
Communal heaven with no worries at all
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ANYONE!!!! Do you know if it's possible to add effects to a region in garageband, not having to add a new track. Also a fade. Come on, does Garageband suck THIS MUCH that you can't edit part of the track separately without adding a whole effect onto the WHOLE track...wtf....