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mind of matters

_complicated simplicity of a jewel
2 March
"those things are amazing-
the hour before you meet the person you're going to marry,
the last time you speak to someone before they die,
even the moment before someone calls you,
when they're reaching for the phone
and you don't know it yet"

Вот и вcё. Я обещаю гореть
Ярче вcех и до конца, до конца,
Быть cобой и ни о чём не жалеть.
Вот и вcё . проcто запомни меня.


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p.s. the good stuff's friends only, just so you know.

This is a list I made October 2005 of 50 things I want to do before I die.
♥ dictates what I've done since then. (7/50 so far)

1 Compete in a ballroom dancing competition
2 ...and win it
3 Live in a different country (preferably France abroad?)
4 Go to Africa and take pictures
5 Feel the volcano rock in Hawaii
6 Road trip across United States (stop at Yellowstone!)
7 Host own photography show
8 Paint the clouds
9 Publish a book (my metaphorical life/poetry/short stories)
♥10 Make a Flash animation movie
11 Date a Russian Jew
12 Get as healthy and fit as ever
13 Adopt a Weimereiner (breed of dog)
14 Read all the books on my shelves and book lists
15 Be the change in someone's life
16 Sew my own clothing/ at least knit a scarf/bag
17 Get a PhD in something I love studying
18 Have a family and a daughter
19 Publish a scientific paper (or 2..or 15)
20 Have my own darkroom
21 Make a website with my extended family tree
♥22 Meet my cousin in Maryland
23 Memorize lots of proverbs
24 Talk to someone really famous
25 Make something awesome out of my growing pop can top collection
26 Touch the western wall in Israel
27 Learn more constellations and their stories
♥(Fall2006!)28 Get on the Dean's list
29 Design an interior of a house/apartment
30 Learn the art of palmistry
31 Make a "water dress"- made out of tubes, lighting, and water.
32 Be able to identify all 23 pairs of chromosomes on a metaphase spread.
♥33 Visit the Louvre in France.
34 Climb to the top of a mountain, spread my arms, and yell really loud.
35 We able to read fluently in Hebrew.
36 Sew a stuffed animal for my kid(s).
♥37 Cook a full course Russian dinner.
38 Start a tradition.
39 Make a jewelry set.
40 Help little kids with their homework.
41 Build a sukka at my house.
42 Take my family to Disney World.
43 Never grow up completely.
44 Dye my hair blond.
45 Make a ceramic set of plates and cups.
♥46 Go to Times Square in NY.
47 Have 15 minutes of fame for something random.
48 Participate in a dance show.
♥49 Get season tickets to the UW World series.
50 Be able to say "I am perfectly content with my life right now, and if it goes on without any change, I can live like so and be happy."